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How Next Generation POS is Removing the Pain of Legacy

It's no secret that monolithic technologies are not fit-for-purpose in today's retail landscape, which is more connected than ever before.

In this guide, we take you through why Next Generation POS may just be the answer to the problems of legacy POS, and show you the path to flexible, fluid, and fast checkout for a truly frictionless experience.

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Freedom from your Legacy POS is finally here!

Next Generation POS is an exciting development for retail transformation, creating an entirely frictionless customer checkout experience. In this whitepaper, we cover where and how retailers are feeling pain with their legacy POS, and outline how Next Gen POS offers a quick and agile composable omnichannel alternative:

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Don't let your POS dictate how you run your business - take back control

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Create, take & checkout "Universal Baskets" for omnichannel journeys

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Accept any payment method and use any device to checkout in-store

How does Next Generation POS differ?

We outline the world of opportunities that Next Gen Composable POS can bring, including: quick integration, easy deployment of new service models, elimination of costly maintenance costs, and future-proofing from the outset.

If you're curious to see your path to composability, how different stakeholders in the business can benefit from Next Gen POS, as well as a visualisation of how Mercaux, the leading composable in-store digital transformation platform, is making it all happen, access the whitepaper below.

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