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Next Generation Composable POS

Cloud-based, api-first solution that introduces fluid, flexible and fast checkout, in addition to enabling integrated cross-channel experience and basket transfer for your customers.



How are we unique?

Next Generation POS from Mercaux consists of a decomposed experience, basket and checkout layer, meaning that a customer can start a journey in one channel (in-store, online or remotely), pick it up in another, and complete the checkout wherever, and however they want.

Mercaux Layers

Freedom from your Legacy Monolithic POS

Legacy monolithic POS is a huge drain on resources, delivers minimal business value and suppresses innovation.
Mercaux’s Next Gen Composable POS is cloud-based and API-first, resulting in:

Funnel, lost sales-1


Easily transfer Universal Baskets
between all online and offline channels

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Omnichannel Checkout using
any device and payment method

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Eliminate legacy monolithic POS
maintenance & upgrade costs

Solution Benefits

Enhanced Experiences

  • New service models supported, such as mixed baskets, basket transfer and ROPO
  • Customers choose where, when and how they transact on their omnichannel journey
  • Any cash, card or modern digital payment methods (e.g. BNPL) now accepted in-store
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  • Composability makes it easy to simply "switch on" business critical functionalities and features
  • Solution updates and upgrades are conducted entirely remotely in the cloud
  • No need to set aside valuable time and budgets for maintenance or system upgrades

Ease of Integration

  • Composable architecture integrates easily with your existing in-store and online tech stack
  • No on-prem installed hardware needed, just store associate and customer self-serve devices
  • Introduce as many devices as you wish, whilst having a single cash/receipt station
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Universal Baskets

  • Create a universal basket in-store using a store associate or customer device
  • Transfer the basket between devices in-store, or save to a customer's digital profile
  • Complete the transaction on any device in-store, or complete the transaction online at a later date 

Flexible Payments

  • Continue to accept traditional cash and card payments in-store
  • Introduce modern payment methods in-store, such as PayPal, BNPL (e.g., Klarna), SSO (e.g.,Bolt)
  • Pay using own device, store associate device or self-service kiosks/ digital fitting rooms

End-to-End Reporting

  • Follow the customer’s omnichannel journey from first touch to final checkout
  • Introduce in-store behaviours to your sales attribution modelling
  • Provide fair recognition to in-store and online teams that contributed towards a sale

API-First Integration

Mercaux's composable architecture makes it quick and easy to integrate as it easily digests connections from your existing online and in-store tech stacks.


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