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The Buyer's Guide to

Retail Clienteling 


The right Clienteling software can increase in-store and online sales, improve brand loyalty and grow customer lifetime value.

With lots of vendors to choose from, how do you select the right solution for your needs?

We've created a Buyer's Guide that will help you understand the essential aspects of clienteling technology. This brand new resource will take you through the most important questions you should be asking at every stage of your decision making process and what answers to look out for. 

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This Buyer's Guide will Discuss:


Your Business Readiness

What can you achieve given your
current technology infrastructure?

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In-store Data Capture

Can you capture in-store customer
data and use across other channels?


Solution Readiness and Configurability

Does the solution require extra development or just integrations?



What can you expect to achieve and how can you measure this success?


Ease of Deployment

How difficult and long is the implementation process?


Proven Success

What evidence do you have of the
solution being successfully used today?

Leading retailers rely on Mercaux to drive business growth and stay relevant to customers in an ever-evolving industry.

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A Single Platform to Digitise Retail Stores

Mercaux offers a full suite of solutions that turn stores into Multi-Purpose Centres and connect them to the Digital / E-commerce world.

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The Buyer's Guide to Retail Clienteling Software

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