Remote Selling via WhatsApp 

A brand new Revenue Stream for Retail


A Convergence of Customer Relationship Channels


An Introduction by Mercaux's co-founder & CEO, Olga Kotsur

Benefits to Online and Offline Retail


Generate incremental online sales by creating a brand new 121 service channel


Improve customer LTV and satisfaction by maintaining a personalised dialogue


Capture every conversation and customer preferences to use across other channels

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Wednesday 28th April

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Wednesday 5th May

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"One area where we accelerated some efforts on omnichannel is distance sales, making it so a client visiting our e-commerce site can actually interact with sales associates in the store. We’re getting an amazing response from our clients, both in terms of qualitative feedback and conversion."

Chief Client and Digital Officer, Kering

The state of Fashion 2021, BoF and McKinsey & co.