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Remote Selling via WhatsApp 

Remote selling enables sales associates to provide a great experience for the customer, delivering convenience and personalisation. It can maximise downtime in physical stores and perhaps most importantly, focus on relationship-based selling - a key to success in the modern retail landscape.

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Mercaux's Remote Selling Solution


Leading retailers rely on Mercaux to drive business growth and stay relevant to customers in an ever-evolving industry.

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Remote Selling is a Brand New Revenue Stream for Retail


Generate incremental online sales by creating a brand new 121 service channel


Improve customer LTV and satisfaction by maintaining a personalised dialogue


Capture every conversation & customer preferences to use in other channels

Why Retailers Choose Mercaux?


Easy & Fast Integration 

Plug & play integration with your existing systems means that Mercaux's solutions can be deployed in 2-4 weeks.


Modular & Flexible

Mercaux's platform allows retailers to easily upgrade existing solutions and switch on new ones. 

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Minimal Internal Resources

The heavy lifting for launching our solutions is conducted by Mercaux, so your teams could focus on other projects.


Intuitive & Reliable

Mercaux's solutions operate without the need for a stable WIFI connection, giving teams access to content at all times.