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In-Store Experiences, Universal Baskets & Checkout Platform

Next Generation In-Store Platform supporting Frictionless Omnichannel Customer Experiences

Mercaux Overview

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Leading retailers rely on Mercaux to deliver superior customer experiences, drive business growth and stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly uncertain market.

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Mercaux’s 3-Layered Approach

Our Composable Architecture gives you the freedom to decide how you transform your stores, the flexibility to work with the systems of your choice, and the agility to do it quickly, on your terms


Next Gen Retail Experiences

Reinventing how customers interact with the physical store, from product discovery and personalisation, through to remote selling and self-service Progressive Web Apps.

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Universal Baskets

Baskets that can be created in one online or offline channel, saved to a customer’s digital profile and accessed in another online or offline channel to continue shopping.

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Next Generation POS

Cloud-based, api-first solution that introduces fluidflexible and fast checkout, in addition to enabling integrated cross-channel experiences and basket transfers.