Give your Customers their own In-Store Digital Shopping Assistant



With consumers returning to our stores, surprise and delight returning shoppers with access to their very own Digital Shopping Assistant


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As customers return to stores, shops are expected to see a much needed influx of business. Our B2C Web App is designed to take the pressure off sales staff by giving customers the ability to serve themselves in-store, while also providing a COVID-secure option for anxious shoppers who want to keep distanced.

NO native App download is needed here as access is given by simply scanning a QR code displayed upon entering the store. See how easy it is by scanning the code below to access our Demo B2C Web App:

B2C Web App Demo QR Code

Customers can use the App's Scan & Search functionality to bring up product descriptions, size availability and cross-selling suggestions. If an item is unavailable, customers can select an alternative from the in-store catalogue, or view availability in another store or online. Tap on the "Scan Barcode" tile in the App to try this for yourself:

B2C Web App Bar Code

For more details on the features and benefits of the B2C Web App, fill out the form to access our product sheet:


B2C Web App First Page pdf


Download the B2C Web App Product Sheet

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What do retailers who already use the App have to say?

“Like many other retailers across the country we had to reduce the number of employees on the shop floor, but we did not want to lose the quality of our customer service. The Mercaux B2C Web App helped ensure customers can still get answers to all their questions about products and their availability in the store, but now from the comfort of their own devices. In addition, our customers don’t have to worry about social distancing and other current COVID-related restrictions.” 

Head of Fashion - Fashion & Apparel Retailer

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