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COVID-19 Survey Results


The first stage in recovering from a crisis is to understand the position in which we must recover from. This is why we decided to conduct an industry-wide survey of 35 retailers, across the UK, Spain, Italy, Russia and USA during a phase in the COVID-19 pandemic when governments across the world had enforced store closures: March-April 2020

This report covers the following areas:

  1. Reacting to the crisis
  2. Impact on business
  3. Planning for recovery
  4. Summary and next steps

The survey highlighted 4 key areas that management teams and departments should consider when re-imagining how their business should operate in the future to recover from the crisis;

  • How will the role of Sales Associate change and how can we support an improvement in productivity?
  • How will retail tackle the big issue with overstock and can changes to fulfilment support post-COVID-19 recovery?

  • What new store formats should you be considering to attract the post-COVID-19 customer?
  • What changes are needed to the organisational structure to support a lean recovery process?

Visit our COVID-19 Resource Centre to access our full suite of articles to help you respond, recover and reimagine the next normal in retail. 

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