NRF 2020, NYC | JANUARY, 12-14

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Digital Transformation 

NRF 2020 | JANUARY, 12-14, 2020

Place: NYC, USA 

Meet us at NRF 2020!

If you're visiting, we would love to hear about your Store of the Future vision and show you ours!

We're very excited to welcome a brand new customer in SOHO, downtown Manhattan, who has made the move from pure ecommerce to brick-and-mortar and we would love to show you Mercaux being used on their shop floor.

Let us know when would be a convenient time to visit, or to simply meet at the show, by filling out the form.

About Mercaux

Mercaux brings the benefits of digital into retail stores to enhance the customer experience, improve store efficiency and increase sales. We do this by equipping Sales Associates and stores with the digital tools they need to serve and sell smarter, across the entire customer journey.

We partner with retailers at every stage of digital transformation, from improving staff productivity and personalisation by leveraging existing data and content, through to a fully integrated end-to-end platform with their existing technologies. The solutions are operated by Sales Associates using a tablet-based app or self-served by customers using touch screen kiosks and managed by a HQ Platform.

When clients like Nike, French Connection and Benetton adopt digital tools in their stores, they see an increase in conversion, loyalty and units per transaction (UPT). On average they experience a sales uplift of 8% and 5x ROI.

About NRF 2020

NRF 2020 is Retail’s Big Show. It’s retail’s most important three-day conference, which brings together the largest gathering of industry executives for discussions of the latest industry trends.

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